Dunn Bros Coffee Joins World Coffee Research

World Coffee Research is proud to announce that Dunn Bros Coffee has become one of our newest members joining a growing list of coffee industry leaders to support research and development that will increase supplies of quality coffee, benefitting producers and consumers.  Dunn Bros Coffee supports a system of over 80 franchise and company owned specialty coffee shops throughout the central United States.  Dunn Bros Coffee sources high quality Arabica bean coffees from all over the world and uniquely roasts them on a daily basis in their stores.

Chris Eilers, Co-CEO of Dunn Bros Coffee, said that the company believes that the research being conducted by WCR is critical to the long-term health of the industry.

“We have seen first-hand how passionate WCR’s scientists are when it comes to farmer education and how these efforts improve not just the quality of the coffee we serve but the livelihoods of those who grow it,” he said.

“Two of our core tenants are ‘Passion for Growth and Positive Change’ and ‘Caring Attitude.’ Supporting the mission of WCR fits both of these value tenants perfectly,” added Eilers.

He said, “We consider ourselves leaders when it comes to investing in the sustainability and continued growth of the business we love.”

Johanna Roman, WCR’s Program Coordinator, said, “WCR and the Borlaug Institute thank Dunn Bros Coffee for their contribution to the future of the coffee industry. Their support makes our program stronger and we look forward to working closely to support research programs that will help increase the supply of quality coffee from around the world.”

World Coffee Research and the Borlaug Institute thank Dunn Bros Coffee for its generous support. We invite individuals and companies, small and large, to join us in sustaining the supplies of quality coffee. Visit WorldCoffeeResearch.org/GetInvolved to become a member and help shape the future of the specialty coffee industry.

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  1. I’m glad that WCR add Dunn Brose Coffee as a member. I believe it will increase ability to search, find and implement quality to our coffee products.

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