Emergency Coffee Rust Summit

Registration for this event is closed due to filled capacity -WCR

World Coffee Research (WCR) is working with the Association of Central American Coffee Organizations, (PROMECAFE), to find solutions to the Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) disaster which has caused a loss of approximately 25% of their total coffeeproduction for the 2012 year.  That translates into hundreds of millions of dollars lost, tens of thousands of jobs vanished and thousands of farmers losing their farms. The Emergency Coffee Rust Summit will be held in Guatemala 18-19 April and is being sponsored by Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks, USAID, ECOM Trading and the Borlaug Institute at Texas A&M University.Coffe Rust

The executive director of WCR, Dr. Timothy Shilling says, “The major goal of this summit is to get a nimble and strong action plan together and start getting it implemented so that next year, more farmers won’t have to worry about losing their farms and livelihoods because of this disease. In order to do that, we’re bringing together the best scientific expertise on coffee rust to work with Central American governments and the key value chain segments to determine strategies and best practices to prevent and control future rust epidemics in the short, medium and long terms.  We’ll also want to devise collective strategies for mitigating negative economic impacts and supporting coffee-dependent communities to cope and recover from this year’s disaster. “

The Summit’s core focus will be on strategies for the medium and longer terms through collaborative research and development. Over 60 scientists, exporters, roasters, fungus experts, fungicide companies, finance organizations and credit agencies will participate to assist the Central American coffee producer out of this devastating epidemic.

WCR will be posting more details of the summit over the course of the planning of the event.


Photo Credit to PROMECAFE

8 Responses to Emergency Coffee Rust Summit

  1. Luis Delgado says:

    This will have to add one more problem for harvest 2013/2014, already began a drying flower spikes in the trees in some areas as Acatenango, Antigua, oriente zone of guatemala this situation come to put more dificult the harvest

  2. The Brazilian Institute for Coffee Science and Technology ( INCT-Cafe), should send specialists on Coffee rust management to this emergency Meeting. We are very much interested in cooperation, aiming at race 2 and race 33 DNA sequencing…asap…

  3. Guillermo Belloso says:

    I have visited some coffee farms in Honduras and El Salvador, with a sustainable farming management in place, I saw less damages on these farms than those which have conventional farming management. It would be good to involve these sustainable farmers in the Summit, just to hear their experience about what practices they consider the best to strengthen the coffee farm´s ecosystem.

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  5. I am a merchant of green coffee beans and I do care about the quality of coffee and willing to pay a little more to help the farmers to put more care and workmanship in the cultivation of this great product.

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