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Sustainability and livelihood issues

World Coffee Research and the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)have partnered to engage Ph.D. candidates at Texas A&M University in primary research to determine related factors and develop practical modeling for economic success in small scale coffee farming in Mesoamerica.

Global trends in climate change, coffee production, trading and consumption suggest that coffee growing in Central America needs to be re-thought as a major source of small farmer revenue. As such, SCAA and WCR are funding a major study to respond to concerns regarding the long term feasibility of coffee growing in Central America. The analyses will be based on current information including risks, costs, rewards and alternatives of various coffee production models, from simple open sun cultivation to various typologies of shaded systems. The study will help the industry to build a convincing strategy for the long term role of coffee in the region.

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  1. adama ouattara says:

    This is an exciting endeavor. In Cote d’Ivoire (west Africa), low yields are driving farmers away from coffee farming these days. Therefore, any effort to bring some back is welcomed. Our institution will be glad to participate in this study.


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