Baseline Monitoring Database Project for Arabica Coffee Supply Trends

The coffee producing world is very diverse. Information is many times lacking for country level statistics on production trends, varieties in use, government plans, private sector involvement, technologies in pipelines, farming systems, coffee development projects, agricultural input use, research capacity, major constraints, and other important variables.  In order to best position research projects into geographic zones for rapid and high impact and to monitor WCR research progress, the WCR will fund the development of reference database.

This project will create an extensive  database for all Arabica producing countries that allows WCR management, BOD, industry and researchers to estimate research impact on supplies, quality, and on producers. It will also assist WCR in determining 2nd wave research priorities and in prioritizing research themes and projects. Industry will benefit from the wealth of country level information for assistance in making sourcing and buying decisions.

This activity will be run directly from the WCR management entity and will require that the implementing partner or consultant have a strong network of coffee professionals in many, if not most,  Arabica producing countries to reduce travel costs and increase ‘ground truth’ for data.  The implementer would methodically work country by country to collect the baseline data.

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