Coffee Information Retrieval System (Coffeepedia)

In order to diffuse WCR research results to industry, producers, researchers, and other coffee supply chain stakeholders and professionals, the WCR must have a simple, easily accessible conduit outreach. As such, the WCR has selected the development of an online platform that would work much like a wiki-based encyclopedia but dedicated to coffee research. Possibilities to make such a resource into a mobile application would further enhance its use.

Stay updated on World Coffee Research’s Coffee Information Retrieval System by searching #Coffeepedia at and following us at and @WCoffeeResearch

7 Responses to Coffee Information Retrieval System (Coffeepedia)

  1. Robin Favet says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a french engineering student in food sciences, currently doing an internship in Brazil on coffee. More precisely, my subject deals with the modification of coffee aromatic profile. I would like to know if you can have some documents talking about coffee flavouring, flavoured coffees consumption/market, history of flavouring, … Can you send me these documents by email please ?

    Thank you for advance.

  2. Den says:

    Hi sir,

    We are Medical Laboratory Science students from the Philippines. We are currently doing a research about the effects of coffee, decaf coffee, tea and milk tea on L. casei. Can you send us information in regards to these topics or related literature via e-mail? The information that you will be sending us will be very beneficial to our research.


  3. Great idea! I tried searching using #Coffeepedia on this site but nothing else besides this blog post comes up. I’m interested in this idea because my research is based in Burundi, looking at the relationship between producer wellbeing and supply chain form.

    • jrumford says:

      Hi Lauren,
      We are still working on the Coffeepedia project. We had a few disruptions as other projects took precedence for a while, but I think it will begin to appear in the spring of 2014. I’ll be in touch – perhaps you would like to test it? (And will get a redirect in place for the email address!)

      Jennifer Rumford
      Communications Coordinator

  4. Andi Trindle Mersch says:

    Is there anything published or pending publication from a true scientific perspective on mycotoxins in coffee?

    • Jennifer Rumford says:

      I am unaware of one publication that covers all fungus problems in coffee. The best general reference would be: Coffee production, processing and sustainability, ed. Wintgens. It is pretty expensive – perhaps you could find it at a good university library.

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