International Multi-Location Variety Trials


“This program is of tremendous significance because never before has coffee from Costa Rica been grown in Kenya, and never before Brazil has received coffee from Kenya for a multi-location international variety trial program. WCR is promoting research collaboration between many countries.”

 – Dr. Ronald Peters Seevers
Executive Director Costa Rica Coffee Institute (ICAFE)

WCR is taking advantage of the best of existing genetic material worldwide, most of which has never been evaluated on a broad basis, and we are setting up a network of international variety experimental and demonstration trials. The major objective is to allow rapid and widespread production and quality increases through variety testing and distribution to farmers of the identified best varieties in each region. Tangible results will be available by 2015 and promising material could start to increase production in as little as 5 years from planting date.

This is a coffee industry “first”—never before has a country had in their possession so many different varieties. By expanding the options so dramatically, we will undoubtedly expand possible solutions for increased productivity and quality.


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