Members of World Coffee Research

World Coffee Research is the leading global agricultural research and development program focused on the sustainable growth of the Arabica coffee supply chain and the livelihoods of people it serves.

This work would not be possible without the active financial support and participation of World Coffee’s 30 member companies, ranging in size from small locally-based businesses to multinational corporations, and its growing list of supporters. Our membership is diverse and global including member companies from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Members include roasting companies, processors, exporters, producer associations, machinery manufacturers, trade associations, and other allied companies and organizations.

These companies and organizations have shown their progressive and forward thinking cultures by fully embracing a model of cooperative and collaborative research and development to mitigate today’s constraints and to face tomorrow’s challenges. Working together, these companies are creating a new and vibrant coffee sector where all players benefit fairly and sector growth is characterized by long term planning, taking into consideration the livelihoods of the coffee producers, the environment, climate change and genetic biodiversity.

The companies and organizations actively supporting World Coffee Research as donors are:

Members may use the Member logo on websites or documents.


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