Strategy and Concerns


The major thrust of the World Coffee Research strategy is the creation of a toolbox of coffee varieties, genetic resources and accompanying technologies and the dissemination of those technologies strategically and collaboratively in producing countries to alleviate current and future constraints to the supply chain of high quality coffees.

Our strategy places an emphasis on genetic improvement for the rapid productivity and quality gains needed to sustain and grow the supply chain. Using proven technological advances in other crop species, World Coffee Research is leapfrogging over decades of expensive, painstaking research to deliver greatly improved products to farmers that keep the coffee industry growing and the producers satisfied. This is taking coffee to the level of technological sophistication enjoyed by the world’s leading food commodities like cereals, dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables. For the first time ever, coffee has a coordinated research strategy.

“We are working from an extremely limited gene pool in coffee. If you take all the varieties that coffee farmers grow today, it represents only a tiny fraction of the diversity that exists out there. This not only leaves the industry open to the extremes of crop vulnerability, and supply chain risk through epidemics and pandemics, but it limits what can be developed in terms of positive attributes too.”
– Dr. Vincent Petiard, former NESTLE’S Plant Science Director

Work at WCR focuses in three broad directions, biodiversity, climate change, and coffee quality. Each of these areas are supported in multiple efforts. Please see more in Research.

3 Responses to Strategy and Concerns


    Currently working on characterisation of world (FAO) Arabica germplasm collection with IAPAR (Parana, Brazil).

    • That is fantastic, Pierre! We are very much looking forward to working with organizations worldwide… and with CIRAD!

    • Bharathy says:

      Hi, Pierre! I am glad to know the work goes with world wide level. I am working as a research scholar at Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, India. I am working under the title “Inheritance of chloroplast genome in Coffea congensis x Coffea canephora hybrid and its back cross progenies”. I would like to know the updates of your work.All the best.

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