The Governing bodies of WCR include the Board of Directors, Technical Advisory Committee, and External Audit Committee and the Industry advisory committee will be chartered and functionally defined through founding cooperative agreements and bylaws of WCR and composed of leadership from industry and research. The Board of Directors will have ultimate authority for direction and leadership of WCR.

The Board of Directors is the guiding body of WCR.  It will be composed of select specialty coffee industry leaders.

The Industry Advisory Committee will be the voice of the specialty coffee industry and will advise the Board of Directors on issues relating to WCR research and fund raising.

The External Audit Committee will ensure transparency and veracity in the financial and managerial functions of WCR.

The Technical Advisory Committee will guarantee the scientific integrity of the research performed on each of the research projects.  In addition, the TAC will help to craft RFP & RFPP’s, implement research projects, and advise the BOD as to which research institutions should receive grants.

The Non-Profit Entity of WCR is a 501 (c)(5) non-profit agricultural organization registered in the State of California.  The main function of the 501 (c)(5) is to receive and aggregate donor funding and pass it through to the Management Entity at the Borlaug Institute where it will be allocated to research projects through a system of research grants and agreements.  World Coffee Research will be responsible for financial reporting of all donor/check-off funds received and transferred and will issue a cooperative agreement with the Management Entity (a State of Texas entity) empowering the Management Entity to act of behalf of World Coffee Research for coordination, management, and administration of research activities.

The Management Entity of World Coffee Research is supported by the Texas A&M University System represented by the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture.  The Borlaug Institute will be bound by a contractual agreement to WCR and be responsible to the Board of Directors.  The Borlaug Institute is a component unit of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of Texas A&M University, Texas AgriLife Research, and the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, all agencies of the State of Texas.

The Executive Director will be an employee of the Management Entity and will be responsible for overall coordination and management of all activities.  The director will administer and convene the governing bodies of WCR, ensure programmatic and financial compliance with founding agreements, and build global partnerships for the necessary collaborative research of WCR.  The director will be responsible to the Board of Directors and will be an ex officio member of the Board for purposes of communications and efficiency of operations.

Global Specialty Coffee Industry

None of this would be possible without the initial and continued support of the global specialty coffee industry.  The continued support of specialty coffee industry leaders and collaboration with researchers and producers is instrumental in ensuring the sustainability of the specialty coffee supply.

Origin Country Producers

As the stewards of productivity and quality of all Arabica coffee, producers and producer groups will have influence in all governing bodies of the WCR including the Board, TAC and EAC.  WCR management expects the producer groups to contribute substantially to the direction of research, its expected impact and for the identification of new constraints, changes in biological manifestations, and to contribute to designing meaningful outreach programs.

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    Hello! I was just wondering when this organization started? In what year?

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