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WCR Team Finds Wild Arabica Coffee in South Sudanese Forest

This past April, a team of experts representing World Coffee Research traveled to the Boma Plateau in South Sudan on a germplasm collection expedition through the forest. The plateau sits across a valley from Ethiopia, considered the origin of the Arabica coffee species. Traveling through the forest, the World Coffee Research team was on a mission to find and collect wild Arabica coffee. The last time a researcher had done a similar trip was back in the 1940s when botanist Dr. A.S. Thomas recorded his observations of a much different Boma forest than what the WCR team found— a forest that was yet unscathed by a changing global climate where healthy Arabica coffee trees grew wild. Read More →

SCAA 2012 Notes: Research & Extension for Sustainability in Coffee

A fellow WCR staff member and I happily joined our executive director at SCAA 2012. Our aim was to learn more about the specialty coffee industry. I wanted to know what issues the industry considered most important, how World Coffee Research could help, and how I could better communicate our mission and our future research. One thing is clear, World Coffee Research is essential to achieving sustainability in specialty coffee. Read More →

SCAA Chronicle: Sustainability is Dead. Long Live Sustainability! by Peter Giuliano

“I was a young coffee person when the concept of sustainability became big news in coffee. In those days—the roaring ’90s of coffee—the idea of thinking in the long-term about agriculture and about industry seemed fresh, exciting and different. The concept of acting in the interest of the long haul, and looking at the bigger picture of economic interdependence and environmental impact was downright revolutionary. The organic agricultural movement—binding together farmers who treated their farm like an ecosystem and refused to damage its soil with synthetic agrochemicals—spread to coffee farmers, and organic coffees began to be widely available.” Read More →

Specialty Coffee Association of Japan Joins WCR

World Coffee Research is proud to announce that the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) has joined our list of Founding Members. The SCAJ, which was founded in April 2003, aims to “spread the enjoyment and awareness of Japanese coffee culture and delicious coffee by liaising with like-minded organizations around the world.” The SCAJ says their goal is to foster the growth of the global coffee market, including coffee-producing countries, while prioritizing the healthy development of the coffee industry in Japan. Read More →