Technical Advisory Committee

Let us introduce researchers or administrators from international research institutions that have partnered with WCR. These are members of our Technical Advisory Committee and will help coordinate research programs in their countries or regions.

Dr. Bayetta Bellachew
Director of Research and Development – African Coffee Research Network (ACRN)
Coordinator – Inter African Coffee Organization (IACO)
Emma Bladyka
Coffee Science Manager – SCAA
Mr. Adolfo Boppel Jr
Board of Directors Member – Guatemala National Coffee Association
Dr. Benoît Bertrand
Biological Systems Department – CIRAD
Dr. Carlos Henrique Carvalho
Researcher – Embrapa Café
Dr. Aaron Davis
The Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives Directorate, Royal Botanic Gardens
Dr. Armando Garcia
Executive Secretary, PROMECAFE
Dr. Joseph Kimemia
Director of Research – Coffee Research Foundation of Kenya
Dr. Leo Lombardini
Chairman, Technical Advisory Committee – Deputy Director – World Coffee Research
Dr. Surip Mawardi 
Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI)
Dr. Luciano Navarini
Research & Scientific Coordination, illycaffè s.p.a
Mr. Ronald Peters
Executive Director – Instituto del Café de Costa Rica
Dr. Huver Posada
Coffee Breeding Program, Cenicafe-FNC

Dr. Nayani Surya Prakash

Divisional Head, Plant Pathology – Central Coffee Research Institute of India
Dr. Eduardo Somarriba
Agroforestry Scientist – CATIE
Dr. Timothy Schilling
Executive Director – World Coffee Research
Dr. Fernando Vega, USDA
Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture

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