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News and knowledge

  • Shade

    By collaborating with farmers to improve agroforestry and encourage using shade, much of the loss of coffee-producing land can be prevented. But we don’t know yet what combination of variety, ground cover, fertilization and shade density can deliver the highest profits to producers. That’s where the Global Coffee Monitoring Program comes in.

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  • Press

    Date: 9.12.19
    Publisher: Global Coffee Report Magazine
    Vern GCR Profile Photo

    World Coffee Research CEO Dr Jennifer “Vern” Long talks to Global Coffee Report about the power of collaborations and why now is the time to harness science and technology to accelerate progress.

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  • Tim

    In preparation for their next hashtag#CropsInColor trip to explore the role coffee plays in people’s lives, Crop Trust reached out to Dr. Tim Schilling, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Coffee Research (WCR), for a quick interview.

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