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News and knowledge

  • Empowering Agroforestry

    WCR News

    Date: 5.4.21
    Publisher: World Coffee Research, Conservation International, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
    Indonesia agroforestry

    Indonesian coffee farmers and professionals interested in using agroforestry to support climate resilience have a new tool at their disposal: The Shade Catalog. Available in both English and Bahasa, the Catalog helps farmers select shade trees that are good for coffee, support and diversify household incomes and provide benefits to wildlife and ecosystem services. The Shade Catalog is available in a mobile-friendly online format and free download at

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  • Farmer

    WCR has unveiled its new strategy for the next five years, which prioritizes supporting origin diversity in the face of the climate crisis through the acceleration of innovations in coffee agriculture.

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  • Australia 3.jpg

    Coffee has been grown in Australia since the 1800s, though never in a commercial capacity. But the country is capable of producing specialty coffee, and is now participating in research trials with WCR.

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