WATCH: ‘Unlocking Sustainability’s Collaborative Advantage’

View our recent webinar, featuring experts sharing how to create change in the sustainability realm.

On June 21, WCR hosted the webinar "Unlocking Sustainability's Collaborative Advantage," which covered what it means to build a strategic sustainability portfolio and explored some of the difficulties and and opportunities therein.

Contributing their expertise to the webinar were Nick Kirby of global sustainability platform Enveritas, Saurin Nanavati and Frederik de Vries of sustainability program developer Ethos Agriculture, and Matt Broscio of roaster-retailer Peet's Coffee & Tea. Over the course of 75+ minutes, the group discussed the current moment in coffee sustainability, how to start a strategic sustainability platform, old sustainability tools versus new ones, what the collaborative advantage means in sustainability, how coffee companies can tell their sustainability stories, and more.

Watch the full "Unlocking Sustainability's Collaborative Advantage" webinar below.