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Hanna Neuschwander

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IMLVT program produces initial global results
Worldwide data collection is ongoing and further analysis is to come
WCR News
World Coffee Research launches Innovea Global Coffee Breeding Network
A collaborative network to accelerate climate resilience and secure long-term coffee supplies
The Science of Coffee, Episode 3: Plant Genetics
An exploration of how genetic development can produce a coffee tree that might save the day. Is there a wild coffee tree happily growing in the forests somewhere that could be our silver bullet? What about if we mix existing documented species together? Featuring WCR’s Hanna Neuschwander, Aaron Davis of Kew Gardens, Sarada Krishnan, and Bernard Gichimu.
Can scientists develop a coffee bean more resistant to climate change?
The world’s top coffee-producing nations all lie at similar tropical latitudes, where even small rises in temperature are forecast to have severe consequences for people and agriculture. But as the FT’s Nic Fildes reports, in Australia scientists are tackling the problem by trying to develop a better, hardier coffee bean as a part of WCR’s International Multi-location Variety Trial (IMLVT) program.
WCR News
WCR welcomes Nick Muir, new Breeding Manager
World Coffee Research is excited to announce the recent appointment of Nick Muir to the position of Breeding Manager.
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