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WCR leverages its impact via 9 global development programs
In 2021, WCR contributed scientific and technical expertise to nine publicly funded development programs targeting the coffee sector.
As Consumer Prices Rise, Coffee is Canary in the Climate Change Coal Mine
This op-ed in Newsweek, co-authored by WCR CEO Vern Long and Farm Journal Foundation’s Senior Policy Adviser Rose Barbuto, recognizes the need for expanded U.S. government funding for agricultural R&D to reduce the risk to food systems created by climate challenges.
WCR News
WCR Releases 2021 Annual Report
In 2021, World Coffee Research celebrated 10 years of innovation and global leadership in coffee agriculture since our formation in 2011. Over the last decade, the organization has matured tremendously from being a scrappy startup into a global leader, defining a vision shared by farmers, coffee-producing countries, and roasters to leverage agricultural R&D for productivity, profitability, quality, and climate resilience.
WCR News
Tania Humphrey named Director of Research & Development
World Coffee Research is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tania Humphrey to the position of Director of Research & Development (R&D). The position is the senior scientific leadership position at the collaborative research nonprofit and entails the oversight of WCR’s global research portfolio and building partnerships.
Why global warming threatens east African coffee
This article from The Economist, which quotes WCR CEO Vern Long, details Kenya’s struggle to sustain coffee farming—an industry that provides income for approximately 6 million people, more than 10% of the national population—in the face of climate change.