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Hanna Neuschwander

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We’re hiring an IT Helpdesk Coordinator!
We are looking for a driven, curious and nimble IT Helpdesk Coordinator to ensure the proper use and the education of the team on different tools.
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MiiR x World Coffee Research
Design forward, generosity driven drinkware brand MiiR has teamed up with World Coffee Research to create a range of products to raise money in support of WCR’s mission to protect and enhance the supply of quality coffee.
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We’re hiring a Director of Research and Development!
We are looking for a commercially oriented Research Director with strong skills in business development, negotiation, and leading through influence to direct and implement WCR’s global research and development portfolio to deliver on WCR’s organizational strategy to preserve diverse origins through supporting country competitiveness.
Program Updates
Cote d’Ivoire genebank digitizes coffee collection
Genebanks are a critical resource housing precious plants genetic diversity. A partnership between CNRA, USDA, Crop Trust, and WCR will make the genebank collection at CNRA in Cote d’Ivoire—one of the most important in coffee genetics—more accessible to the global research community.
WCR News
A coffee treasure found, and possibly lost again
A new research paper confirms that South Sudan is a center of evolutionary origin for arabica, and the plant populations in the area possess unique genetic diversity. The diversity was rediscovered on a 2012 expedition, in an area subsequently engulfed by war. The open-access paper, “Validating South Sudan as a Center of Origin for Coffee arabica: Implications for Conservation and Coffee Crop Improvement” was published in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.
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