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  • Breeding for climate change

    WCR News

    Date: 4.10.17

    WCR is part of a major European initiative to create new, high-performing hybrid coffee varieties specifically adapted for agroforestry. Agroforestry—growing coffee among shade trees—is essential for adapting coffee to climate change over the next two decades, but few coffee varieties perform well under shade. This new initiative will focus on creating new hybrid varieties specifically adapted to this sustainable production method.

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  • Where to find us in Seattle

    WCR News

    Date: 4.6.17
    Find us in seattle

    Will you be at the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle this month? So will we. Join us for a Think + Drink Happy Hour, featuring an exclusive tasting of new hybrid varieties; a panel discussion on coffee genebanks; and presentations of student work at the scientific poster session.

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  • Starmaya—the future of coffee?

    WCR News

    Date: 3.7.17

    A new coffee variety called Starmaya may dramatically shift prospects for coffee producers in the years to come. Starmaya is the first variety of its kind: An F1 hybrid that is propagated by seed, rather than through costly biotechnology. What it could mean for coffee producers is widespread access to an elite class of varieties that could reshape the industry.

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  • IMLVT Guatemala

    Four new countries have committed to participate in the International Multilocation Variety Trial (IMLVT), the largest, collaborative, global coffee research platform and variety exchange in history. Australia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and the United States (Hawaii) will all join the trial in 2017, bringing the total number of participating countries to 23.

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  • open access

    This week, two major academic papers in coffee sensory science were published in open-access, peer-reviewed journals. The first describes the creation of the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon by a team of sensory scientists at Kansas State University and Texas A&M. The second describes how the work from the lexicon was adapted by researchers at UC Davis and the Specialty Coffee Association of America to create a new version of the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel, the first time the iconic wheel has been based on the work of expert scientists.

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