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  • It starts with a seed—but what seed is it?

    Project Update

    Date: 9.1.20

    WCR undertook crucial work in 2019 to advance our Nursery Development Program. Before nursery training programs begin, program workers typically conduct a baseline assessment of the seed and nursery production systems in a location. In 2019, WCR conducted seed sector analyses in countries with particularly difficult and disorganized seed production systems, including Mexico and the Philippines. The findings pave the way for a better future.

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  • LA Covid

    At World Coffee Research, our team in Latin America has done our best to adapt to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, starting with instituting a no-travel policy in March as the effects of the pandemic started to be felt globally. With our team unable to visit farmers in person, we shifted largely to digital conversations. We hold monthly check-ins via Zoom, WhatsApp, or email with all stakeholders to monitor the status of trials, relying on video and/or photographs to gauge the progress of plants in farmer field trials.

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  • Tierra Baja: Profitability at lower altitudes

    Project Update

    Date: 7.29.20
    Tierra Baja 1

    Tierra Baja doesn’t have the advantage of high altitude that many specialty-coffee-producing farms possess. The farm, whose name translates to “Low Land,” is located at 830 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.), where growing high-quality coffee is a challenge. Farms at this altitude typically cannot grow coffee varieties susceptible to coffee leaf rust because their coffees will not earn a high enough price to cover the cost of fighting pervasive rust damage.

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  • DSC_0055.jpg

    By early April, the effects of COVID-19 had started to be felt across the coffee value chain, and Kenya’s government leaders instituted tough movement restrictions to curb the spread of the pandemic. Movement of agricultural inputs to growing areas and green beans to the market were disrupted, causing unanticipated delays. Extension staff from various organizations and institutions could no longer travel to coffee-growing regions, leaving coffee farmers feeling abandoned.

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  • Tim SCA Award

    This week, Tim Schilling, founder of World Coffee Research and president of WCR Europe, received the 2020 Sustainability Award from the Specialty Coffee Association in the Sustainability Champion category. The winners will be honored at the digital version of Re:co Symposium on Thursday, July 16, at 11:15 a.m. Pacific time.

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