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  • coffee trees uganda

    Work is underway at a new Breeding Hub in East Africa, which is using advanced breeding approaches to help combat low yield, climate change, and disease. A new article in Global Coffee Report highlights the work so far.

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  • Re:Co 2019: Profitability from the Ground Up

    Project Update

    Date: 8.6.19
    Mundo Maya seedlings

    Danielle Knueppel and Enrique Magaña's 2019 Re:Co presentation is now available on YouTube. In it, they discuss WCR's Global Coffee Monitoring Program, and explore how it uses rigorous, on-farm science to create a global data set that addresses the profitability of coffee farming from the ground up.

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  • Re:Co 2017: Coffee Conservation Strategy

    Project Update

    Date: 8.1.19
    Puerto Rico GCMP

    Dr. Sarada Krishnan's Re:Co 2017 presentation about her work as the coffee expert in the development of the Global Strategy for Conservation of Coffee Genetic Resources, released in early 2017.

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  • Mundo Maya seedlings

    As the coffee price crisis wears on, our partners at the SCA Sustainability Center have created a webinar series on the economic sustainability of coffee production. They invited WCR to present about the Global Coffee Monitoring Program, a major global trial investigating coffee farming profitability from World Coffee Research.

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  • Coffee's missing seed sector

    Project Update

    Date: 6.6.19
    NDP - 1

    The best plants and farming practices in the world aren’t worth a thing if they are not available to the farmers who need them. Though WCR is not a seed company or extension service, our work doesn’t stop with creating and testing the best new technologies and knowledge. It extends to programs that make them accessible to farmers.

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