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    When World Coffee Research formed in 2012, one of the first initiatives the organization launched was the International Multilocation Variety Trial (IMLVT), the world’s largest coffee variety performance trial and seed exchange. The IMLVT brought 31 top varieties of Arabica coffee to 23 countries around the world for rigorous testing and evaluation to see how different varieties perform in different environments. Earlier this year—about two years after the trial officially launched in 2016—14 of the 23 participating countries collected the trial's first data.

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  • Global Coffee Conservation Strategy published

    Project Update

    Date: 7.20.17
    Coffee Conservation Strategy cover

    World Coffee Research has partnered with the Global Crop Diversity Trust to develop a Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee Genetic Resources. The goal of this Global Strategy is to ensure the conservation and use of coffee genetic resources for a positive, sustainable future of the crop and for those who depend on coffee for a livelihood. The current global system has significant gaps and constraints. The strategy lays out six high priority actions to facilitate the transition from the current ‘system’ to a truly global conservation system for coffee.

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  • Experimental F1 hybrids in the field

    Project Update

    Date: 7.13.17
    F1s at Flor Amarilla

    In 2016, we established trials of 46 new F1 hybrids, derived from crosses between 8 wild Arabicas in the WCR Core Collection and three rust-resistant Sarchimor varieties (Obatá, Marsellesa and IAPAR 59) as well as Geisha.

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  • IMLVT Guatemala

    Four new countries have committed to participate in the International Multilocation Variety Trial (IMLVT), the largest, collaborative, global coffee research platform and variety exchange in history. Australia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and the United States (Hawaii) will all join the trial in 2017, bringing the total number of participating countries to 23.

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  • Breeding program milestones for 2015

    Project Update

    Date: 2.1.16
    F1 experimental Costa Rica

    The coffee industry cannot single-handedly reverse climate change. Our best hope for sustaining the supply of high quality coffee in the 21st century is to focus on making the coffee plant more resilient. The creation of new, highly adaptable coffees, supported by a vibrant new seed sector, will result in major global productivity and quality gains in the next 10-20 years. In 2015, WCR achieved a number of milestones toward this goal.

    WCR Core Collection

    Through an analysis of 847 arabica strains from the CATIE genebank, WCR located the 100 most genetically diverse individuals. These plants, which we call the WCR Core Collection, will be used by us and others to develop new hybrids that combine maximum genetic diversity with...

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