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News and knowledge

  • Coffee against the odds

    Project Update

    Date: 10.21.19
    Miranda planting

    In fall 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped across Puerto Rico and destroyed millions of coffee trees. It was a devastating blow: The island was on track to have the best harvest in 10 years, worth an estimated $100 million, after decades of steady decline. Across the island, not only farms were reduced to debris, but also the nurseries and seed lots that produce the baby plants the island’s farmers were going to need to rebuild.

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  • The coming climate

    Project Update

    Date: 9.18.19
    zambia imlvt

    Which varieties are deeply affected by small changes in climate—for example, hotter, drier temperatures—and which have stable performance across a wide range of climates? How does climate impact yields, disease tolerance, or cup quality? Shockingly, there is almost nothing known about the effects of environment on coffee tree performance.

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  • F1 Hybrids Explainer

    Project Update

    Date: 9.9.19
    Root structure

    While these varieties are still relatively new to coffee farmers and industry, it is difficult to imagine a future without them. No varieties in the past have been able to combine traits that matter to both farmers and consumers in quite the same way. F1 hybrids will be key to helping coffee producers remain profitable and resilient in the face of climate change.

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  • Coming along in Kenya

    Project Update

    Date: 8.21.19
    kenya imlvt

    Kenya was one of the first countries to be included in the International Multilocation Variety Trial.

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  • coffee trees uganda

    Work is underway at a new Breeding Hub in East Africa, which is using advanced breeding approaches to help combat low yield, climate change, and disease. A new article in Global Coffee Report highlights the work so far.

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