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The coffee plant | Keys to the Shop podcast
On a new episode of the Keys to the Shop podcast, we discuss the work of World Coffee Research and what retail cafes can do to promote sustainable coffee. The Keys to the Shop is a podcast hosted by Chris Deferio dedicated to the success of coffee shops and the professionals that make them work.
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The race to save coffee [animated video]
An animated video from the Washington Post profiles the work of World Coffee Research. “America’s favorite beverage is under attack from climate change and other woes. Science may offer a solution.”
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Announcing the coffee lexicon 2.0
For the second edition of the coffee lexicon, 24 new references that substantially expand the global applicability of the lexicon have been added. The new references are pharmaceutical grade, shelf-stable, food-safe, and globally flavor capsules, available from FlavorActiV.
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SCA and World Coffee Research Launch New International Coffee Day Campaign
This International Coffee Day, the Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Research are calling on the coffee community around the globe to support innovation in coffee science.
Program Updates
Global Coffee Conservation Strategy published
World Coffee Research has partnered with the Global Crop Diversity Trust to develop a Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee Genetic Resources. The goal of this Global Strategy is to ensure the conservation and use of coffee genetic resources for a positive, sustainable future of the crop and for those who depend on coffee for a livelihood. The current global system has significant gaps and constraints. The strategy lays out six high priority actions to facilitate the transition from the current ‘system’ to a truly global conservation system for coffee.
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