World Coffee Research

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As a member of WCR, you and your company will play a vital role in increasing the availability and application of coffee research.

Your support funds scientific research into and solutions for the challenges facing the coffee industry: limited genetic diversity, lack of climate change mitigation planning, and weak economic foundations for coffee farmers.

At WCR we are making an ongoing commitment to research because we know the big solutions will only come from science and collaboration. Our global network of leading scientists and research institutions is driving advancements and transfering knowledge across the entire coffee sector. We work openly, creating more access points—down to the farmer level—so that everyone in the value chain has an opportunity to benefit from our research and to ensure the supply of quality coffees into the future.

How does it work? You chose.

Participate in our Check-Off Program. Roasters can support our work by contributing $.005/lb of coffee purchased through participating importers. Importers can partner with us to administer contributions from roasters and can also become direct donors by offering matching contributions. 

Make a direct contribution. Support our work through a donation. You decide on a contribution amount, and whether or not the donation is recurring (we strongly prefer a commitment of  five years to ensure that our research projects have stable funding). We invoice you immediately.

What is the benefit to your company?

  • Enhanced supply chain stability
  • Corporate responsibility/sustainability value
  • Role in guiding global coffee research
  • Lower tax bill (because WCR is 501(c)5 organization, your contributions are considered a cost of doing business)
  • Access to intelligence information and our scientific network, as well as access to our experiments and trials at origin, so that you can visit our research sites in your travels
  • Invitation to our Annual General Assembly
  • Promotion of your role in supoprting our work on our website, in print, and via social media
  • Members are encouraged to assist in research in a variety of ways: by volunteering their cupping skills to evaluate the quality of WCR’s scientific work, providing their knowledge on specific subject matters, as well as by participating in research surveys and on the Board’s industry advisory committee.

Support Our Work

For more information about WCR, call our office in College Station, Texas, at +1.979.845.4164 or email us at

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