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In this century, anyone in coffee should be concerned about where coffee is going to come from. World Coffee Research recognizes the serious and fundamental challenges in the coffee supply chain. Vulnerabilities in the supply of quality Arabica coffees are caused by limited genetic diversity, lack of climate change mitigation planning, and weak economic foundations for coffee farmers.

At WCR we are making an ongoing commitment to research because we know the big solutions will only come from science and collaboration. To do this we are developing new scientific solutions, enhancing existing science, and putting more scientific innovation into the industry. In our first year of activity, we have developed a global network of leading scientists and research institutions to drive advancements and transfer knowledge across the entire coffee sector.  We are working openly, creating more access points—down to the farmer—so that everyone in the value chain has an opportunity to benefit from our work and to ensure the supply of quality coffees into the future.

As a member of WCR, you and your company will play a vital  role as a partner in an industry-wide effort to increase the availability and application of coffee research.

Upon receipt of your donation, a link to your website will be placed on our member page. We are happy to work with you on joint press releases to highlight your support to sustain the quality coffee sector and the livelihoods of coffee producers. You will also be given a guide to the scientific experiments and trials at origin, complete with contact information so that you can visit the research sites in your travels.

Members will be encouraged to assist in research in a variety of ways: by volunteering their cupping skills to evaluate the quality of WCR’s scientific work, providing their knowledge on specific subject matters, as well as by participating in research surveys and on the Board’s industry advisory committee. Members of World Coffee Research will be invited to the annual scientific colloquium where results will be presented and discussed by WCR scientists.

For more information about WCR, call our office in College Station, Texas, at +1.979.845.4164 or email us at

We thank you for your interest in supporting such a worthy cause and we are privileged to put your generosity towards the sustainability of high-quality Arabica coffee.

5 Responses to Become a Member of World Coffee Research

  1. I co-own a small roasting company and am interested in contributing to your cause. Please contact me directly as I have a question or two. Thank you, Tony

  2. valeriano velasquez says:

    I own 40 acres of coffee in Colombia third generation coffee grower wanted to be a part of this organization but I lack an american credit card to make the donation please let me know if I can be of any help.


    Valeriano Velasquez

    • Johanna Roman says:

      Donating to WCR is very easy! Please complete the funding agreement form at:

      We will then contact you with instructions on how to submit payment via wire transfer. Thank you for your support to WCR.

      Johanna Roman

      World Coffee Research Coordinator
      Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture | Texas A&M University

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  4. scott says:

    I am operating a gold mine in Sumatra and am wondering what the possibility may be to introduce coffee as a crop for mine closure. We are required to plan the closure well before the mine is depleted, so I am wondering whet possibilities might exist to introduce coffee rather than rubber trees (which were here before the mine) as an economically viable closure crop. Can you help me develop this idea?
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Scott Phillips
    Environmental Manager

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