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Join the checkoff program

How It Works

pennies per pound/kilo to ensure the future of coffee
  • Roasters decide how many cents per pound or kilo purchased through participating suppliers to donate. Choose the right amount for your business—any amount from .005 (half a cent) up to .10 or .20 per pound or kilo is fine.
  • Participating suppliers keep track of coffee sales to roasters, adding however many pennies per pound/kilo the roaster has indicated to the coffee purchased. The contribution is included as a cost of doing business on the roaster’s invoice, similar to docking costs, brokerage fees, or warehousing costs.
  • The supplier collects funds and disperses them to WCR four times a year.
  • Once we are set up with your suppliers, there is no work for you.
  • For more information on how the Checkoff Program works for roasters and suppliers, download this explainer

Which of the following Check-Off suppliers do you make purchases through?

32Cup Specialty Coffee Merchants
Abira Colombia S.A.S.
Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Inc.
Atlas Coffee Importers, LLC (matching importer)
Be Green Trading
Bourbon Specialty Coffees
Café Imports
Cape Horn Coffee
Capricorn Coffee
Caravela Coffee (matching importer)
Crop to Cup (matching importer)
Descamex (matching importer)
Dormans Coffee
DR Wakefield
Falcon Coffees (matching importer)
Hacienda La Minita
InterAmerican Coffee (matching importer)
InterAmerican UK
InterContinental Coffee Trading
Intercontinental Coffee Trading (Matching Importer)
Kawacom (ECOM Uganda)
La Bastilla Coffee Estates Corp
Melbourne Coffee Merchants (Matching)
MTC Group
Nordic Approach
OLAM International (matching importer)
OLAM Specialty Coffee Europe (matching importer)
OLAM Specialty Coffee (matching importer)
Onyx Coffee
Paragon Coffee Trading Company
Red Goni (matching importer)
RGC Coffee
Royal Coffee Importers
Sustainable Harvest (matching importer)
Swiss Water (matching importer)
The Coffee Source (matching importer)
This Side Up Trading (matching importer)
Twin Trading
Volcafe Specialty Coffee
Walker Coffee Trading (matching importer)
Zephyr Green Coffee

Help us get to 100% importer/exporter participation!

If you don't see your suppliers on the list above, let us know who you buy coffee from. We'll reach out so that 100% of your purchases can go toward ensuring the future of coffee.

SUPPLIERS [list the suppliers you buy from]

Calculate your contribution

What currency do you purchase your green coffee in (ex: USD, EUR, CAD, JPY)?
What is your average estimated green coffee purchases through the above suppliers in a given year?*
How much would you like to donate per ? (e.g. to specify 1 cent per , you would enter .01; for ten cents, enter .10)
Estimated annual contribution amount

0.00 USD

Questions? Let us know if you have any questions about the Checkoff program and we'll get back to you.