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Become a Major Donor

How It Works

We work with your company to evaluate your goals in supporting our work and projects of interest. We collaborate to decide on giving range, frequency, and term of commitment that is right for your organization.

Organizations typically contribute in one of the following categories:

  • $10,000-50,000/year
  • $50,000-100,000/year
  • Above $100,000/year

What are your organization's primary interests in contributing to WCR's work?

Supply chain assurance
Climate change
Increasing coffee quality
Scientific rigor
Corporate social responsibility

Is there a specific area of our work that you are especially interested in?

No, we want our contribution directed where it is most needed
Sensory research and coffee quality
Coffee diseases and pests
Climate change
Varietal development and coffee breeding

Is there a particular area of the world where our research is conducted that you have a special interest in?

Central America, Mexico, and the Carribean
South America

Do you have a giving range in mind?

Above $100,000/year

We will follow up with you to discuss the right amount and frequency of your contribution, and a term of commitment. What is your preferred way for us to communicate with you?

In Person

Do you have any specific questions about becoming a WCR member that you would like us to answer?