Coffea Arabica Genome

User Acknowledgement

The coffee (C. arabica) genome, realized by an Italian partnership led by illycaffè and Lavazza, is made available for advancing research on a non-profit basis.

To respect the rights of the data producers and contributors, you acknowledge that by downloading the genome in scaffolds and annotation files below you are agreeing to the following principles:

  • To not redistribute, release, or otherwise provide access to the data to anyone outside of your research group
  • To contact Leader Simone Scalabrin (email: sscalabrin AT to discuss any publication plan that may utilize this data to avoid overlap of any planned analyses
  • To cite and acknowledge accurately and completely the data as “ARABICA GENOME RESEARCH REALIZED BY A PARTNERSHIP LED BY ILLYCAFFÈ AND LAVAZZA”
  • That this data as accessed is pre-competitive and is not patentable.
  • To use the data in compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations, guidelines for scientific research and publication.

You also acknowledge that the data providers (Italian partnership led by illycaffè and Lavazza):

  • Make no representations, assume no responsibility and extend no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, that the use of the data will not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights
  • Assume no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, quality and reliability of the information and the results that can be obtained using the data, and assume no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of data.
  • Are not responsible for the handling of the data by third parties, in particular following unauthorized access to networks and systems of World Coffee Research