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Hanna Neuschwander

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WCR welcomes Liam Cummins as Finance Director
World Coffee Research is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Liam Cummins to the position of Finance Director.
WCR News
Mzuzu’s IMLVT Moves Forward With First Harvest
A trial of international varieties at Lunyangwa Agriculture Research Station (LARS) in Mzuzu, Malawi has realized its first harvest—and first cup quality evaluations—since its establishment in 2017.
WCR News
We’re looking for economists!
We are developing a roster of consultants available for short-term assessments.
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We’re hiring an Agronomist!
We’re looking for a Country Agronomist to implement and coordinate all WCR activities in the Philippines for the PhilCAFE project.
WCR News
We’re hiring a Breeding Manager
We’re looking for a Breeding Manager to manage the continued and timely development of enhanced coffee germplasm in WCR’s global breeding network, , in close collaboration with other breeders at WCR and research institutional partners in different countries.
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