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We are 170+ companies in 29 countries working to ensure the future of coffee.

Your Support

Why invest in the future of coffee?

The challenges facing coffee are bigger than any one company can solve. Through collaborative investment in agricultural R&D, we create the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable coffee sector in diverse coffee origins.

Improve coffee’s goodness.

Through research, we improve how good coffee tastes, how good it is for the planet, and how good it is for people who grow it.

Sustain origin diversity and global supply.

Working in strategic geographies, we ensure the long-term supply of quality coffee from diverse origins.

Address the climate crisis.

R&D creates tools, technology and knowledge to reduce the risk that farmers and companies face from climate change.

Become a Member

Two ways to join.

Membership is open to any company whose business depends on or involves coffee and whose membership is consistent with WCR’s mission. Membership fees support all of WCR’s vital research activities.

Checkoff Program

Contribution tied to coffee purchasing volumes.

For companies that purchase or trade coffee and want their WCR contribution built into the cost of coffee.

Annual Contribution

A fixed contribution amount each year.

Works for any kind of company (roasters, retailers, allied, etc.) funding across departments (R&D, marketing, sustainability).

Support Calculator

Not sure which membership is right for your business? Use our support calculator to best determine your investment and impact. New membership provides for a three-year period of increasing investment. Please contact us to discuss in more detail, and ways we can help build internal stakeholder support.

Checkoff Program

Annual Contribution

Fixed Value

Helpful Documents

Learn more about membership.


Common Questions

World Coffee Research is a 501(c)(5) nonprofit agricultural organization. As such, WCR is exempt from U.S. federal income tax. In the U.S., contributions to WCR may be tax-deductible as trade or business expenses. WCR is not a 501c3, therefore contributions are not tax deductible for individuals. Please consult your tax advisor to determine whether and to the extent to which your donation may be deductible.

In 2022, WCR transitioned to a new membership model that links contribution amount to coffee purchase volumes or annual revenue. The transition provides greater equity and transparency among member companies and is more appropriate for securing the kind of long-term, sustainable funding required for agricultural research. Membership fees are unrestricted contributions that provide critical funding for all of WCR’s research activities.

We adopted a simple, straight-forward membership fee structure with four (4) primary categories for industry stakeholders to partner with us: brand roasters/manufacturers/retailers, business-to-business roasters/manufacturers, green coffee suppliers/traders/decaffeinators, and allied companies in the coffee value chain (including equipment, flavoring, food, producers, consulting). If you don't see that your business fits into these categories but are keen to become a member, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss options with you.

Placement in volume/revenue bands is made using current-year figures, to determine membership rate for the following year. WCR membership will be on a calendar year basis. If a member company’s green coffee volume or volume-equivalent increases such that the company would move into a higher membership band, the member will have two years to reach the new target level. At the time of annual renewal, members can also change between the Fixed Rate annual contributions and Checkoff options.

Companies are encouraged to become members of WCR at their appropriate level, and new membership provides for a three-year period of increasing investment to reach the target level. Making a financial contribution to WCR at a lower amount is possible, but does not come with member benefits. Please contact us to discuss further.

World Coffee Research unites the global coffee industry to drive science-based agricultural solutions to urgently secure a diverse and sustainable supply of quality coffee today and for generations to come.

In support of engaging companies in WCR’s work, we offer additional benefits proportionate to contribution and customize each membership. Please see our Member Benefits document above.

Our Members

Industry-driven, collaborative, and global.

Our members—companies large and small—come together precompetitively to set a shared global agenda for coffee research. Their participation is a critical foundation for a vibrant and sustainable coffee sector.


Thank you to all the companies who generously support our work and make it possible.

$1,000 to $9,999

  1. Ally Coffee
  2. Arvid Nordquist HAB
  3. Asahi Quality & Innovations
  4. Atlas Coffee Importers
  5. Barrie House Coffee
  6. Beck Flavors
  7. Bewley's North America/Java City
  8. Black Oak Coffee Roasters
  9. Blossom Coffee Roasters
  10. Blue Bottle Coffee
  11. Boomtown Coffee
  12. Boxcar Coffee Roasters
  13. Bulavity
  14. Cafcom Trading
  15. Cafe Imports
  16. Cafe Virtuoso
  17. Calendar Coffee
  18. Camber Coffee
  19. Caravela Coffee USA
  20. Coffee Bros.
  21. Coffee Libre
  22. Counter Culture Coffee
  23. Covoya Specialty Coffee Americas
  24. Craft House Coffee
  25. Crankhouse Coffee
  26. Curve Coffee Roasters
  27. Dark Woods Coffee
  28. De'Longhi
  29. Descamex
  30. Driftaway Coffee
  31. DRWakefield
  32. Dunn Brothers Coffee
  33. Dutch Bros Coffee
  34. ECRE
  35. Equator Coffees
  36. Excelco Trading
  37. Finlays
  38. Fulcrum Coffee
  39. Huckleberry Roasters
  40. Intelligentsia Coffee
  41. InterAmerican Coffee/Neumann Gruppe USA
  42. Intercontinental Coffee Trading
  43. Irving Farm New York
  44. Kaldi Coffee Farm Online Store
  45. Kaldi's Coffee
  46. KIM House Roaster
  47. KIM House Roaster
  48. List + Beisler
  49. Little Waves Coffee Roasters
  50. Marubeni Foods-Specialty
  51. Melbourne Coffee Merchants
  52. Mercon Coffee Group
  53. Mr. Espresso
  54. Origin Coffee Roasters
  55. Ozo Coffee Roasters
  56. Pacific Espresso
  57. Passenger Coffee & Tea
  58. Philz Coffee
  59. PROBAT
  60. Rave Coffee
  61. Roast House Coffee
  62. Rumble Coffee Roasters
  63. S. Ishimitsu & Co.
  64. Sarutahiko Coffee, Inc.
  66. Single O
  67. Solberg & Hansen
  68. Square Mile Coffee Roasters
  69. Stitch Coffee
  70. Sucafina NA
  71. Sucden Coffee
  72. Sustainable Harvest
  73. Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.
  74. Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company
  75. Temecula Coffee Roasters
  76. Temple Coffee Roasters
  77. TERAROSA (Haksan Co.Ltd)
  78. The Gentlemen Baristas
  79. The Roastery
  80. The Seed
  81. Toa Coffee Co. Ltd.
  82. Tony's Coffee
  83. Trabocca
  84. Transcend Coffee
  85. Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
  86. Walker Coffee Trading
  87. WDF

Up to $999

  1. 1740 Coffee Genesis
  2. 1Cup Coffee Roasters
  3. 7000 Coffee Trees
  4. Apex Coffee
  5. Bäckerei Happ GmbH & Co.
  6. Bagavathi Organogenic Molecular Mineralised Coffee
  7. Beans n Dough Cookie Company
  8. Beanstock Coffee Roasters
  9. Bell Lane Coffee
  10. Black Subtle Notes Coffee
  11. BlendIn Coffee Club
  12. Blume Coffee Traders
  13. Bodum Roasting
  14. Bolt Coffee Company
  15. Bontain Coffee Co.
  16. Boon Boona Coffee
  17. Brewpoint Coffee
  18. Bridazul
  19. Bridge Coffee Co.
  20. Bun Coffee Byron Bay
  21. BUNA
  22. Café Tenango
  23. Cafetales de Venezuela
  24. CafeTracker
  25. Camino Real Coffee Roasters
  26. Caravan Coffee
  27. Casa Espresso
  28. Ceremony Coffee Roasters
  29. Chouette Torréfacteur Laboratoire
  30. Coastal Coffee Traders
  31. Coffee Cube
  32. Coffee Editor
  33. Coffee Friend
  34. Coffee Nexus
  35. Coffee Traders
  36. Coffee Unified
  37. Coffeebar
  38. Coffein Compagnie
  39. Coldblow Coffee Company
  40. Colour Coffee Roasting
  41. Covoya Ltd.
  42. CuBa BIOTEC
  43. Cultivar Coffee South Africa
  44. Cup north
  45. Cuppers Choice
  47. Cyesha Coffee Ltd.
  48. Dancing Goats Coffee
  49. Dave's Koffiebranderij
  50. Dear Green Coffee Roasters
  51. Demus S.p.A.
  52. Dispatch Coffee
  53. Don Alberto Coffee Co
  54. Electric Coffee Lab
  55. Espanola Coffee Roasters
  56. Established Coffee
  57. Exhale Coffee
  58. Falcon Coffees Peru
  59. Firsthand Coffee
  60. FiXX Coffee
  61. Forecast Coffee Company
  62. Fort Findlay Coffee & Doughnut Shoppe
  63. Fortitude Coffee Roasters
  64. Friday Coffee Roasters
  65. Fuglen Coffee Roasters Oslo
  66. Fuglen Coffee Roasters Tokyo
  67. Full City Rooster
  68. Gaia Artisan Coffee
  69. Good Good Coffee
  70. Greenway Coffee Company
  71. Halvo Coffee Roasters
  72. Hansa Coffee
  73. Heart and Graft Coffee
  74. Honey Coffee
  75. Horiguchi Coffee Research Institute
  76. Horsham Coffee Roaster
  77. I & M Smith
  78. Ickle Coffee
  79. Imbibe Coffee Roasters
  80. iO Coffee
  81. IRC (Instituto Regional del Café)
  82. Johann Jacobs Haus
  83. Junker's Café-Rösterei
  84. Kerchanshe
  85. Killashops Gourmet Coffee
  86. Kiss the Hippo Coffee
  87. Kittel Coffee
  88. Klatch Coffee
  89. Kona Kaffeerösterei
  90. Kua Coffee
  91. Kurasu LLC
  92. La Baia Coffee Supply
  93. Landmark Specialty Coffee
  94. Limini Coffee
  95. Lüna Coffee
  96. Madcap Coffee Company
  97. Mantra Coffee Beans
  98. Marigold Coffee
  99. Market Lane Coffee
  100. Method Coffee Roasters
  101. Metric Coffee Co.
  102. Monastery Coffee
  103. MoonGoat Coffee
  104. Moplaco Trading PLC
  105. Mount Sunzu Coffee Ltd
  106. Mundo Novo Coffee
  107. Murnauer Kaffeerösterei
  108. Myracle Kitchen
  109. Nemesis Coffee
  110. Nincomsoup
  111. Nyakiyumbu Community Coffee Pulping and Wash Station
  112. Nylon Coffee
  113. Old Spike Roastery
  114. Olisipo Coffee Roasters
  115. Ome by Spacebar Coffee
  116. One Village Coffee
  117. Orbital Coffee Roasters
  118. Osito Coffee
  119. Peak Coffee Co
  120. Peekskill Coffee
  121. Philippine Coffee and Barista Insitute
  122. Prometheus Coffee Roasters
  123. Prufrock Training & Consulting
  124. Quaffee
  125. Rabbit Hole Roasters
  126. Raw Bean Limited
  127. Rebel Dog Coffee
  128. RGC Coffee
  129. Rimini Coffee
  130. Ringtons Ltd.
  131. Rio Coffee
  132. Riposo Coffee Roasters
  133. Ritual Coffee Roasters Tasmania
  134. River City Coffee
  135. Rose N Crantz Roasting Co.
  136. Rose Park Roasters
  137. Ross Street Roasting
  138. Roundtable Coffee Works
  139. Saint Henri - Micro Torrefacteur
  140. Samadool Coffee
  141. Sample Coffee Roasters
  142. Satoru Coffee
  143. SCS Global Services
  144. SEY
  145. Shedlight Coffee Roasters
  146. Small Planes Coffee
  147. South India Coffee Company
  148. South Texas Coffee Initiative
  149. Specialty Grade Coffee
  150. Specialty Grade Coffee
  151. Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co.
  152. Square One Coffee Roasters
  153. Structure Coffee Roasters
  154. Sucafina N.V.
  155. Supremo
  156. Taf Coffee
  157. TBD Coffee Co
  158. TCPL Beverages and Foods Limited
  159. The Artisanal Bean
  160. The Steam Engine
  161. This Side Up Coffee
  162. Torque Coffees
  163. Tropic X
  164. True Stone Coffee Roasters
  165. Vagabond Coffee Roaster
  166. Vides58Coffees
  167. WB Coffee
  168. West Cork Coffee Roastery
  169. Whittard of Chelsea
  170. Wise Consultants
  171. Workshop Coffee
  172. Zephyr Green Coffee

Checkoff Program

Thank you to all the roasters, retailers and suppliers that make this program possible

Participating Roasters & Retailers

  1. 1Cup Coffee Roasters
  2. Allegro Coffee Company
  3. Bäckerei Happ GmbH & Co.
  4. Barrie House Coffee
  5. Beanstock Coffee Roasters
  6. Bewley's North America/Java City
  7. Black Oak Coffee Roasters
  8. Blume Coffee Traders
  9. Bodum Roasting
  10. Bolt Coffee Company
  11. Boxcar Coffee Roasters
  12. Brewpoint Coffee
  13. Cafe do Capitao
  14. Cafe Virtuoso
  15. Calendar Coffee
  16. Camino Real Coffee Roasters
  17. Caravan Coffee
  18. Chameleon Cold-Brew
  19. Coldblow Coffee Company
  20. Colour Coffee Roasting
  21. Covenant Coffee
  22. Cuppers Choice
  23. Curve Coffee Roasters
  24. Dancing Goats Coffee
  25. Dark Woods Coffee
  26. Dave's Koffiebranderij
  27. Dear Green Coffee Roasters
  28. Dunn Brothers Coffee
  29. ECRE
  30. Equator Coffees
  31. Fortitude Coffee Roasters
  32. Full City Rooster
  33. Greenway Coffee Company
  34. Heart and Graft Coffee
  35. Horsham Coffee Roaster
  36. Huckleberry Roasters
  37. Ickle Coffee
  38. Intelligentsia Coffee
  39. Irving Farm New York
  40. Johann Jacobs Haus
  41. Junker's Café-Rösterei
  42. Kaldi's Coffee
  43. Kittel Coffee
  44. Kona Kaffeerösterei
  45. Landmark Specialty Coffee
  46. Limini Coffee
  47. Marigold Coffee
  48. Market Lane Coffee
  49. Monastery Coffee
  50. MoonGoat Coffee
  51. Mr. Espresso
  52. National DCP / Dunkin'
  53. Olisipo Coffee Roasters
  54. Origin Coffee Roasters
  55. Ozo Coffee Roasters
  56. Philz Coffee
  57. Quaffee
  58. Rabbit Hole Roasters
  59. Rave Coffee
  60. Red Bank Coffee Roasters
  61. Rimini Coffee
  62. Ringtons Ltd.
  63. River City Coffee
  64. Roast House Coffee
  65. Rose N Crantz Roasting Co.
  66. Rose Park Roasters
  67. Roundtable Coffee Works
  68. Saint Henri - Micro Torrefacteur
  69. Small Planes Coffee
  70. Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co.
  71. Square Mile Coffee Roasters
  72. Square One Coffee Roasters
  73. Stitch Coffee
  74. Structure Coffee Roasters
  75. Taylors of Harrogate
  76. Temecula Coffee Roasters
  77. Temple Coffee Roasters
  78. The Artisanal Bean
  79. The Roastery
  80. True Stone Coffee Roasters
  81. Vagabond Coffee Roaster
  82. West Cork Coffee Roastery
  83. Wonderstate Coffee