World Coffee Research breeds coffee for the future

A new article in Global Coffee Report highlights the work so far.

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Plants are selected from a collection of 100 plants, known as the WCR Core Collection. The Core Collection was created from a large collection of more than 826 Arabica plants, which WCR studied to determine the ones that were the most genetically different from one another. All 100 plants from the Core Collection are currently in the field at the new breeding hub.

Since 2011, RAB has run its own coffee breeding program to help generate a new wave of disease-resistant varietals, with its most successful release the RAB C15 for coffee producers in Rwanda. However, Simon Martin, RAB Breeding Hub Ambassador, says the new Hub in collaboration with WCR will play an important role for Africa’s coffee producing industry going forward. —Global Coffee Report

Read the full article in the Global Coffee Report here.