Agricultural R&D—Impact at Scale

How agricultural R&D and variety improvement deliver livelihood improvement at scale

WCR seeks to provide the greatest possible return on investment and value at a global scale. Our impact statement explains how the first half of WCR’S mission ("Grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee") delivers against the second half ("while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it") at scale, through strategic investments in variety improvement.

WCR invests in and advocates for agricultural R&D to increase productivity and quality to contribute to the economic sustainability and climate resilience of coffee farmers. Economic and environmental sustainability are critical dimensions of sustainable livelihoods. Agricultural R&D investment, particularly variety improvement, provides impact across these dimensions at scale. Through partnership with the broader coffee community, WCR's inclusive design principles ensure innovations are relevant and deliver value for a diversity of farmers including women, men, and small and medium sized land holders.

“Rising agricultural productivity has driven improvements in living standards for millennia. Today, redoubling that effort in developing countries is critical to reducing extreme poverty, ensuring food security for an increasing global population, and adapting to changes in climate.” – Harvesting Prosperity