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  • Tillers of the Soil


    Date: 7.20.18
    Publisher: Standart Magazine
    Tillers of the Soil

    In this feature-length article for Standart Magazine, World Coffee Research's Hanna Neuschwander reflects on how coffee researchers are combining the genetics revolution with how age-old breeding techniques to respond to coffee farmers' needs. Most of the coffee we drink—and nearly all of the food we eat—has been influenced by the work of breeders. Neuschwander tells their story, and gives an fascinating insight their work.

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  • Kraig Kraft

    World Coffee Research is thrilled to welcome Kraig Kraft as our first Global Programs Director. Before joining WCR, Kraft was the regional technical advisor for coffee and cacao in Latin America for Catholic Relief Services, an international humanitarian agency.

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  • Press

    Date: 7.16.18
    Publisher: Bloomberg

    A new article from Bloomberg details the efforts that Tokyo’s Key Coffee Inc. is taking—in partnership with WCR and the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI)—to ensure sustainable coffee production. The company is hosting one of WCR's International Multilocation Variety Trials, testing out 35 Arabica varieties to assess their disease resistance, quality, and output. The trial will assist Indonesian coffee growers, including Key Coffee, which operates a coffee farm in Sulawesi, Indonesia, to identify the most promising varieties for the region.

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  • A new African coffee breeding hub in Rwanda

    Project Update

    Date: 7.2.18

    Since our creation in 2012, World Coffee Research has worked to create a path for sustainable coffee production through agricultural innovation to help coffee farmers face the challenges of climate change. One of our main area of focus has been the creation and propagation of the next generation of coffee varieties that are high in quality and yield, and resilient to diseases and the effects of climate change. This month, we are making great strides in this area with the launch of our African breeding hub in Rwanda, hosted by our partners at the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB).

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  • Coping with 32°

    Project Update

    Date: 6.21.18
    Heat stress

    Research shows clearly that rising temperatures pose the greatest threat to coffee, greater even than increased drought.

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