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  • The Future of Coffee in Cajamarca

    WCR News

    Date: 6.24.19
    Publisher: Whetstone Magazine
    Whetstone Mag

    Cajamarca is one of those places where it seems specialty coffee is meant to be grown. So what happens when climate change makes farming in the region significantly more challenging? Reporter Beth Krietsch investigated.

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  • We are hiring!

    WCR News

    Date: 6.17.19
    NDP - 2

    WCR will hire a Country Agronomist in Peru to implement and coordinate World Coffee Research’s activities in Peru, including the Global Coffee Monitoring Program (GCMP), coffee seed sector and nursery development activities, and other research and development activities.

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  • Coffee's missing seed sector

    Project Update

    Date: 6.6.19
    NDP - 1

    The best plants and farming practices in the world aren’t worth a thing if they are not available to the farmers who need them. Though WCR is not a seed company or extension service, our work doesn’t stop with creating and testing the best new technologies and knowledge. It extends to programs that make them accessible to farmers.

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  • Nursery

    Hanna Neuschwander's 2019 Re:Co presentation is now available on YouTube. In it, she describes a major global trial underway designed to help us understand how coffee genetics interact with the environment, and a new study that will let us see how these things impact coffee flavor and chemistry

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  • Rwanda Breeding Hub Workshop

    In summer 2018, the first-ever collaborative coffee breeding hub for Africa was launched. Hosted by the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) in collaboration with a consortium of coffee producing countries and World Coffee Research, this coffee breeding hub will help nations throughout Africa navigate the future of sustainable coffee production, providing them with breeding material for the creation of next generation of local coffee varieties, helping them cultivate and adapt other regions’ improved varieties, and more.

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