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  • The race to save coffee

    An animated video from the Washington Post profiles the work of World Coffee Research. "America's favorite beverage is under attack from climate change and other woes. Science may offer a solution."

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  • Announcing the coffee lexicon 2.0

    WCR News

    Date: 10.13.17
    Lexicon cover

    For the second edition of the coffee lexicon, 24 new references that substantially expand the global applicability of the lexicon have been added. The new references are pharmaceutical grade, shelf-stable, food-safe, and globally flavor capsules, available from FlavorActiV.

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  • futureofcoffeewordmark

    This International Coffee Day, the Specialty Coffee Association and World Coffee Research are calling on the coffee community around the globe to support innovation in coffee science.

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  • Nursery photo

    The coffee supply chain begins before the farm—with the seed itself. WCR Verified is the first global standard to certify that coffee seed producers and plant nurseries are producing healthy and genetically pure plants. It is designed to provide independent, science-based quality control and assurance at the start of the coffee supply chain.

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  • US considers adding coffee to key genebank


    Date: 8.8.17
    Publisher: Greenwire
    Core collection

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been asked by Congress to do a feasibility study on establishing a coffee genebank in Hilo, Hawaii. The request comes in recognition of coffee's lack of genetic diversity and economic importance in Hawaii. A report from Greenwire cites the work of World Coffee Research in drawing attention to the need for the long-term preservation of coffee genetic resources.

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