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Coffee, Deforestation, and the Global Coffee Monitoring Program

Sept. 23, 2019

Agricultural research is key to answering one of coffee's most pressing climate problems.

WCR's Partnership Director Greg Meenahan penned an article for Caffeine Magazine, entitled "What the F**k does coffee have to do with deforestation? And how is the Global Coffee Monitoring Program fighting it?"

Deforestation owing to coffee is a real threat. Coffee farmers remove shade because coffee trees are typically more productive in full sun and they’re normally paid by the volume of coffee they produce. A growing number of companies are committing to zero deforestation, but this will only work if every roasting company in the world does the same. - Greg Meenahan, Caffeine Magazine

Many thanks to Caffeine Magazine for allowing us to share the full text of this article with our readers.

Read the full text here.

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