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Seeking proposals: Website redesign

Dec. 18, 2020

Call for proposals ends Feb. 1, 2021

World Coffee Research is seeking proposals from outside vendors to redesign our existing website ( The current site was designed in 2015. It has served us well, but we have recently undergone a major strategic planning process and program redesign and need a refreshed website with updated messaging that more clearly conveys our work, our purpose, and our global leadership position, as well as the business case for coffee companies to invest in coffee agricultural research and development (R&D). The redesign will precede the launch of a major fundraising campaign in 2022 in order to accelerate progress in coffee breeding.

The redesign’s primary goals are to communicate WCR’s work and role more effectively, and motivate people to participate in the organization. We hope to be able to migrate a significant amount of our existing content to a new site structure, while refreshing our look/feel and renewing some of our new messaging.


World Coffee Research (WCR) is the only industry-guided organization in the world driving global collaborative agricultural research for coffee. We were formed by the worldwide coffee industry in 2012, with the recognition that innovation in coffee agriculture is necessary to deliver increased quality, reduce supply chain risk, and transform coffee producing into a profitable, sustainable livelihood that can meet rising demand while also safeguarding natural resources.  WCR drives innovation for coffee agriculture in multiple, strategically targeted geographies. We professionalize nurseries and seed systems, conduct variety trials, and accelerate breeding system modernization to improve quality in the cup and enable farmers to access better varieties for resilience and profitability  in the face of threats like climate change. WCR research is executed in partnership with leading institutions in producing countries and around the world.

WCR has a strong brand and is well known in the industry, but audiences are frequently fuzzy on the details of our work. We need the redesigned site to more clearly convey what we do, where and how we do it, and the value proposition of our work to various audiences, from investors to partner country governments to the media. We have worked to position coffee agricultural R&D as a foundational part of coffee sustainability, and continue to work to help our community see R&D investments as a key part of their sustainability portfolios.

Period of performance

March 1 – September 1, 2021

RFP Response Due Date and Time:

February 1, 2021

RFP Contact:

Submit questions and proposals to

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