Global Consultation 2020

Coffee agricultural R&D awareness and priorities

Agricultural innovation is a primary driver of improved productivity and profitability, climate resilience and adaptation, and soil health and conservation among other critical factors. It contributes enormously to the economic viability of coffee farmers who adopt improved agricultural technologies and, as such, is a catalyst for the sustainability of the entire coffee sector.

To better understand the awareness across the coffee sector of existing agricultural R&D efforts, and global/regional priorities, World Coffee Research launched a wide-ranging consultation of coffee sector participants in spring 2020.

Four shared priorities for global ag R&D for coffee

We identified four shared priorities across the global community of stakeholders we consulted:

  1. Farmer profitability as the lynchpin of sustainability
  2. Origin diversity for supply chain risk mitigation and flavor diversity
  3. Quality—consistency and flavor
  4. Climate adaptation and mitigation

Who was consulted

The consultation process consisted of 135 interviews and a survey taken by 896 stakeholders from around the world and across the value stream, including producing country national governments.