Grafting Robusta

Nursery training manual and best practices guide

Farmers interested in using grafting—a vegetative propagation technique—to support coffee plant growth and health can now access World Coffee Research (WCR)’s new resource: Grafting Robusta, a nursery training and best practices guide. The guide, published in English, focuses on C. canephora (robusta) grafts, and includes background information regarding the advantages and risks of grafting, an outline of a training procedure to be used in farmer workshops, a step-by-step process that farmers can follow when grafting their own plants, and best practices for maintaining grafted plants.

The resource was designed by WCR to support awareness of grafting as a best practice for successful robusta production. Grafting is currently a common practice in countries like Indonesia—the fourth largest exporter of robusta globally—but is relatively under-utilized in other robusta-producing nations.