Robusta Clonal Coffee Nursery Management: Supporting Videos

Series supporting the UCDA's “Clonal Robusta Coffee Nursery Manual”

Supporting video series

These videos, produced by World Coffee Research, are part of a five-part series supporting the Uganda Coffee Development Authority’s (UCDA) “Clonal Robusta Coffee Nursery Manual” for the establishment of clonal coffee nurseries. The series includes:

Click the links above to access the individual videos or watch the full playlist of all five videos in the series below:

The production of these videos was supported in part by the generous funding of Strauss Coffee B.V., a WCR member company.

Clonal Robusta Coffee Nursery Manual

The UCDA's manual, which is the source material for the information summarized in the supporting videos, can be downloaded below. Additional manuals from the UCDA are accessible here.


Clonal Robusta Coffee Nursery Manual

Produced by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), 2019

Additional nursery resources

While the above resources focus on robusta nurseries, World Coffee Research also offers resources to support successful coffee seed production and nursery management in arabica.

The Good Practice Guides for coffee seed production, nursery management, and profitable business and supporting videos are displayed below. These guides are available in Spanish, English, and French, and the videos are available in these languages with the addition of Luganda and Lugisu. View them by clicking the related links on the right of the screen or below.


Resources for coffee nursery management

A set of resources for successful nursery operation