Tim Schilling celebrated for his contribution to Rwandan coffee

Work prior to WCR is essential to establishing Rwanda’s specialty coffee industry

On July 17, World Coffee Research CEO Tim Schilling received an award from RWASHOSCCO, a cooperative export business in Rwanda at an event celebrating their 10th anniversary. Before founding WCR, Tim led the PEARL and SPREAD projects in Rwanda, which helped the country transition from producing nearly 0% specialty coffee to 98% today. That shift was accomplished largely through the founding of organizations like RWASHOSCCO, which is made up of 6 cooperatives representing about 18 coffee washing stations and hundreds of farmers.

In 2015, Rwanda exported 18,793 tonnes of coffee worth $62 million, up 35 percent from 2014.

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Tim Schilling was presented an award by Tony Nsanganira, the Rwandan State Minister for Agriculture.