World Coffee Research and Eximware Inc. Announce Global Partnership

“Check-off” funding mechanism integrated into Eximware software platform

World Coffee Research (WCR) and Eximware Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to advance WCR’s global mission to enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

An initial area of focus will be to introduce WCR’s “Check-off” funding mechanism into Eximware’s Partner XM commodity management- coffee trading and risk management- software platform. This will allow Eximware clients to seamlessly direct “pennies per pound” contributions toward WCR’s mission through streamlined collection and reporting.

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Since 2012, WCR has garnered support from many of the most prominent names in the coffee industry to help fund its pre-competitive research and development efforts. WCR will benefit from the technical expertise of the Eximware team to design and develop coffee-centric system enhancements within Eximware’s Partner XM Suite of coffee software solutions. In addition, Eximware is supporting WCR’s efforts to establish an information management platform to capture, analyze and report on WCR’s research projects globally.

According to Tim Schilling, CEO of WCR, “World Coffee Research chose to partner with Eximware because of its extensive knowledge of commodity management technology and in particular its strong reputation in the coffee community among exporters, importers and roasters. We will work closely with Eximware to create and sustain the most value for our stakeholders.”

Andy Dimitri, CEO of Eximware, noted that, “Eximware is honored to partner with such a reputable and impactful organization as World Coffee Research. As WCR continues to scale and expand its reach and influence, technology solutions will be imperative in areas such as data collection, management, mining and analysis. We look forward to working with the talented team at WCR and contributing towards their mission of long-term sustainability, superior quality and higher crop yields.”

WCR performs impactful scientific “pre-competitive” research and development that increase coffee genetic diversity, reduce risk and increase crop yields without sacrificing quality. Eximware is a global provider of commodity management and green coffee sourcing software solutions with deep roots in the coffee trade. Eximware is committed to supporting the coffee industry and continues to partner with companies and organizations that work towards securing the long-term future of coffee.

Companies and organizations interested in learning more about, and supporting, World Coffee Research or learning more about Eximware green coffee sourcing and commodity management software solutions should reach out to the contacts below.

About World Coffee Research: World Coffee Research is a nonprofit collaborative research and development program of the global coffee industry to grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it. The program is funded and driven collectively by the global coffee industry, guided by producers, and executed by leading coffee scientists around the world. For more information, visit

About Eximware Inc.: Since 2000, Eximware has been serving the coffee industry and is the leading provider of cloud-based commodity sourcing and commodity management software solutions. Our many partnerships with leading organizations, importers, traders, roasters and service providers in the coffee industry are reflective of our reputation for trust and reliability. Eximware has helped countless companies leverage technology to streamline workflows, gain efficiency and improve rapid decision making in dynamic and volatile markets. For more information, visit