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News and knowledge

  • Global Coffee Conservation Strategy published

    Project Update

    Date: 7.20.17
    Coffee Conservation Strategy cover

    World Coffee Research has partnered with the Global Crop Diversity Trust to develop a Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee Genetic Resources. The goal of this Global Strategy is to ensure the conservation and use of coffee genetic resources for a positive, sustainable future of the crop and for those who depend on coffee for a livelihood. The current global system has significant gaps and constraints. The strategy lays out six high priority actions to facilitate the transition from the current ‘system’ to a truly global conservation system for coffee.

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  • Experimental F1 hybrids in the field

    Project Update

    Date: 7.13.17
    F1s at Flor Amarilla

    In 2016, we established trials of 46 new F1 hybrids, derived from crosses between 8 wild Arabicas in the WCR Core Collection and three rust-resistant Sarchimor varieties (Obatá, Marsellesa and IAPAR 59) as well as Geisha.

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  • Greg Meenahan

    World Coffee Research is thrilled to welcome Greg Meenahan as our first partnerships development director. Before joining WCR, Meenahan was the Chief Operating Officer of Child Aid, an international aid organization providing social and economic development through literacy.

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  • Ethiopia study

    A major new paper published last month in the journal Nature Plants finds that Ethiopia, the birthplace of Arabica coffee, may lose up to 59% of its coffee lands by the end of the century due to climate change. Some famous coffee regions, like Sidamo, may be lost entirely. However, if decisive action is taken, it would be possible to adapt the country's coffee sector to rising temperatures and lessening rainfall, mostly through relocating coffee areas to higher altitudes.

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  • WCR News

    Date: 6.15.17
    The Coffee Podcast

    In their the episode, The Coffee Podcast tackles genetics and coffee to peek inside the latest science on using advanced genetics for coffee breeding—without genetic modification. Suitable for non-scientists!

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