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Hanna Neuschwander

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Genetic Improvements of Cup Quality: Latest Developments | Expo Lectures 2019
Hanna Neuschwander’s April 2019 talk on the latest developments of genetic improvements of cup quality is now available on the SCA Podcast! Neuschwander discussed new innovations and shared some lessons learned, including the latest results deriving from these methods and advances on the molecular basis of cup quality.
Program Updates
Hybrid harvest
In 2019, the Flor Amarilla F1 breeding program reached an exciting milestone: its first production harvest. While we have carefully monitored and measured each plants’ growth since it arrived in the field, the production of cherries means that we can now gather two of the most important pieces of data on each cross: yield and cup quality.
WCR News
N.J. Douek & Sons Announces Commitment
N.J. Douek & Sons this week became one of the largest Canadian supporters of WCR, supporting the organization’s efforts to use agricultural research and development to help ensure a sustainable coffee sector through a $10,000 commitment. In addition, Douek will support its coffee-roaster clients to fund global coffee research through an innovative program called the WCR Checkoff Program.
WCR News
Request for proposals: Filipino Farmer Typology and Productivity Barrier Analysis
World Coffee Research is seeking a consultant to help with assessing the production constraints for farmers in the Philippines. This work should identify different typologies of farmers and detail the basis of this classification, and for each group, identify their specific constraints to becoming profitable farmers.
WCR News
Get to know Jane Cheserek
Jane Cheserek is the head of the coffee breeding unit at the Coffee Research Institute in Kenya, and she’s one of the many experts who collaborate with WCR. Cheserek is the liason in Kenya for the WCR International Multilocation Variety Trial, the world’s largest multilocation coffee variety trial. She oversees the care and maintenance of the 29 varieties.
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