Annual Report 2016

In 2016, our fifth year, World Coffee Research delivered results that address coffee's most pressing problems

Highlights of our work this year include:

  • Our biggest milestone yet—we have created 46 new F1 hybrids undergoing field testing in El Salvador and Costa Rica.
  • The publication of Coffee Varieties of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean, an essential new resource for farmers and industry, and Prevención y Control de la Roya del Café, a thorough and accessible guide for agronomists and technicians
  • We launched our most ambitious project to date: The Global Coffee Monitoring Program, an unparalleled platform for transforming coffee farms into climate-smart, productive and profitable enterprises. The first 16 trial sites were installed in Central America. More than 1,100 farms will participate by the project's end.
  • We launched the first-ever seedling/nursery quality certification program for coffee piloted in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala.
  • We conducted an extensive survey of the world’s most important coffee collections, which will form the blueprint for a transformative global conservation strategy.
  • We added four new countries to the International Multilocation Variety Trial: Australia, Rwanda, the US, and Zimbabwe.
  • We established a regional headquarters office in El Salvador; growing our team to 13; and increasing donor members by 65% over 2015.