CheckCAFE Participating Nurseries

A list of nurseries participating in CheckCAFE, a training program for established commercial nurseries to produce DNA-verifiable arabica varieties

About CheckCAFE

CheckCAFE is a training program for established commercial nurseries that produce arabica coffee of DNA-verifiable varieties and have a production of at least 100,000 plants per year. The program seeks to promote compliance with good agricultural practices and genetic traceability.

The program is implemented exclusively within the scope of the Maximizing Opportunities for Coffee and Cacao in the Americas (MOCCA) program, therefore it will be active as long as MOCCA is active in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru.

CheckCAFE seeks to promote compliance with Good Agricultural Practices and genetic traceability so that nurseries participating in the process can strengthen their internal management processes and differentiate themselves in the market, as well as guarantee the phytosanitary and genetic quality of their plants to their customers.

The nurseries included in this list began their process in November 2023 and will end their process with the closing of their production cycle in 2024.

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A set of resources for successful nursery operation