Global Leadership

Mobilizing research on coffee's critical challenges

We catalyze research on critical topics to solve challenges in coffee agriculture.


The problems facing coffee producers and coffee businesses are huge—bigger than any single industry or organization can tackle alone. Many of coffee's challenges extend beyond WCR's core focus area of variety improvement, but they are critically important for sustainable agricultural development. Development and private sector donors are eager to include coffee in their portfolios and want to make their investments as impactful as possible, but lack guidance and direction on which problems should be prioritized.


Through its "global leadership" function, WCR works to generate consensus on the most important challenges facing coffee for which agricultural R&D can provide solutions, and to mobilize research and funding to address these challenges.

How does it work?

  1. WCR works with national partners, research institutions, and the global industry to define shared priorities and elevate the most important questions for which research and funding is required.
  2. WCR uses its influence and harnesses the collective power of its member companies around the world to mobilize public and private sector investment toward defined priorities, or engages relevant experts to tackle the topic.