Entry 49452

Series supporting guides on practices for successful coffee seed production and nursery management

A four-part video series produced to support WCR's Good Practice Guides for coffee seed production and nursery management. The series includes:

  • Introduction
  • Video 1: Varieties and Genetics
  • Video 2: Substrates and Containers
  • Video 3: Nutrition
  • Video 4: Integrated Pest Management
  • Conclusion

The Good Practice Guides for coffee seed production, nursery management, and profitable business are displayed below. These resources are available in Spanish, English, and French. View them by clicking the related links on the right of the screen or below.


Good Practice Guide: Coffee Nursery Management

Guía de Buenas Practicas en el Manejo de Vivero de Café

Guide to Running a Profitable Seed and Nursery Business

Guía para la Administracion Rentable del Negocio de Semillas y Viveros de Café

Good Practice Guides

Guía de Buenas Practicas de Producción de Semilla de Café